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BICI E BASTA Business Rides represent an Italian experience in the Netherlands. A day on the road with customers by bike, improving the bonding in your team or simply relaxation through effort with colleagues within the organization or industry.


For these occasions we offer the BICI E BASTA Business Rides. During these one-day business ride you will be immersed in Italian atmospheres and experience Italian life on and off the bike in the Netherlands.


We take care of the organization of this day for up to approximately 30 people, so that you can relax by making an effort and enjoy the day or do business with the company without any worries.


  • A bike ride at a location of your choice and wishes;

  • High end comfortable Italian personalized cycling clothing for the participants.

  • Safety instruction in advance so that everyone can get on their way safely.

  • Technical support during the bike ride.

  • An Italian culinary experience before and after the BICI E BASTA Ride.

  • Musical relaxation before and after the bike ride.

We will ensure that every participant ends the day with new energy. 

In order to tailor the day to your wishes as best as possible, we are happy to discuss the day with you.

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